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Thread: "Before" pics

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    Question "Before" pics

    I am 17 yrs old, 5'7, 150 lbs..... I have been training for about 8 months consistantly, and about ready to hit up a cycle. I was thinkin somethin like sustanon 250, primobolan , and clembuteral. If I can get some feedback or something and let me know what you guys think i should take.
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    same shit different

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    what madmax means is your too young. and if youve only been training for 8 months you should really wait. why dont you exhaust your natural ability before hitting the juice bro? If you have stopped making gains why dont you post your diet and workout routine so the well experienced peeps here can help you out.


    ps. this is by no means a flame so dont take it as 1

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    Exclamation WAIT A FEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!1

    Originally posted by Madmax
    same shit different

    I know madmax, but lets talk to this young buc here for a minute
    K, bro were all glad u are on the board now, but I'm almost postive everyone on this board (That knows anything about gear) will tell you to wait. 17, you need to wait at least 4-5 years before you get on anything. 21-22 is a much better age, and still may be too young. Get on a great diet, workout like crazy, get your rest, increase your protien, and wait. YOu have sooooooo much test running through you right now, u dont need to shut yourself down. Its just not worth it bro. Hang in thier I know its tough, believe me I wanted to when I was your age, but I waited until I was 22. Hang in there bro, and dont do any gear>
    Good luck

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    Man you been training for 8 months and Your "Ready" to hit a cycle? Excuse me bro your not ready. Stick around educate yourself at 17 with only 8 months of training you still have alot of room for natural growth left.


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    Originally posted by Madmax
    same shit different

    Max you beat me to it.... I just don't understand why that's always the first thing every newbie teen wants... I put on over 80lbs of mass my first 2 years with only protein powder back in the day...

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