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    Month 4-Progress pics

    Hey guys. I worked out on and off for a few years but now i've been very strict. I started 4 months ago weighing 170 pounds with ZERO definition in my muscles. I still have a long way to go but seeing my own progress and having people ask me if i'm on roids is a good feeling. I know how to eat and lift now and am making gains every week. My bench started at 165 pounds for 1 for mmonths ago and my max now is at 265 pounds. I don't really take an supplements,,just eat good food and lots of protein. I started a little cardo as well and my abs are coming in now. I looked like TOTAL shit before. I wish i had before pics because it is a dramatic change. I'm not satisfied with how I look yet but i'm going to keep getting stronger and bigger and and work harder with less and less body fat. I weight 180 pounds now. Please check out my pics. I know i can't pose yet....I'm getting A LOT of my motivation from watching pumping iron 3 times a day!! lol.....anyway let me know.

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    keep it up!! keep doping that cardio hit the good food and look into supplemts later if your can. But if you say it's progress than keep the train rollin!!!

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    hey Guys...

    thanks bro..

    Guys, criticism is good. If i look like shit tell me! lol

    by the way, i'm 20 years old and 5'5.

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    Bro, those pictures are really too dark to see anything.

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