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    cutting diary: help a bro out

    well bros, here we go. was kinda hard to post pics because compared to you guys i look like ****

    anyways, it's time to make a change. a serious change. i know it's gonna take every ounce i got, its all me. but getting encouragement from others and honest opinions from other people like you guys is going to make that much more of a positive difference.

    this jan i started a cutting phase, i was 180 lbs when i started and 4 weeks later i got down to 169 lbs. i went from 17% bf (what i am right now im guessing) to 14%. than after that i just hit a wall and couldnt get back on track. i'll post some pics of that before/after when i get my other hd hooked up. currently i've ballooned back up to 188lbs as of this morning.

    this is going to be my diet right here, i shall bump the calories by 100 or so and see how that goes for the first week.

    my training routine are as follows

    monday through friday.

    cardio 45min empty stomach

    mon: back/biceps/forearms
    tues: legs/abs
    wed: chest/triceps
    thurs: shoulders/traps
    fri: calves/forearms/abs
    sat/sun: may do afternoon cardio

    i've been hitting the gym for rougly two years, doesnt really show thanks to my diet. but i do know how to train, what my body responds to etc.

    any advice opinion, wheater negative or positive. i dont care, id like to hear them.

    so thanks bros, i appreciate whatever feed back i get. i shall post here several times a week with progress and what not.

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    Dec 2003
    so here are the pics as of this morning, empty stomach. bloated as usual from the **** i ate yesterday.

    now that i got pics up, i cant let you guys down, and most importantly, i cant let myself down.

    dont mind my crappy posing pics either

    current stats as of Monday March 29, 2004

    18 years old
    188 lbs
    17-18% BF
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    bro you diet seems in check and so does your workout.. i looked worst then you when i started bro so keep your head up .. keep me posted bro

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    good luck man!

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    You already have a nice base on your biceps... they look good... you can see the vein when you flex

    Good luck man

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    so far so good. i think the next couple days are going to be the hardest, especially later on in the week. from past experiance, it always gets really mentally challengin around the 4-5 day mark. but once i stuck with it before, it became really easy untill i hit that mental block a month after.

    i'll weigh myself again this friday, and from than on, once a week on fridays, same conditions.

    i am going to be very curious to see what kind of results this diet yields. my previous diet led me to lose on average, 1-2lbs of fat per week. i've never restricted carbs before like this, consuming them only for breakfast, pwo, and ppwo.

    what about pictures. should i post pics weekly, every monday on empty. bi weekly or???

    thanks for the help bros, keep it comming!

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    keep it up, keep postin progress pics bro...good luck

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