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Thread: I need help!

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    I need help!

    I would kike to share my AAS background with hopes off recieving advice on my next cycle. In Feburary of this year I began a cycle of test 250/2xwk and winny 1/ml.eod my first. About two weeks into the cycle my back started acting up and by the end of the third I had to stop my workouts and was advised to end the cycle. Although I was already below my playing weight I put on 10-15 pounds durring that time and was getting strong as hell. I beat myself up about stopping the cycle because of the huge gains I was making. I'm now healthy and want to start a new cycle. Any thoughts? same cycle? will the next not be as good? different cycle? etc. I'm a college football player who has battled injuries and need to get back to my top form. Goals are increased speed and 20 pounds. I have good genetics so I only want to use as much ASS as I need only problem is the time issue, I have ten weeks before camp and want to do about an eight week cycle and clean out my system. I want any ideas but I might only be able to get winny and test; but maybe other. Help me please!

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    welocme aboard bro, you should post that in the steroid forum, im sure someone can help you out. good luck!

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    welcome bro

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    Welcome to in the steroid forum.

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    Welcome aboard bro

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    Welcome to AR.

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