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    Problems Atop Of Problems

    Where do i begin........

    ok my weights been fluctuating from 250-260 for the past 3 years
    i've been struggling to get rid of this excess fat,now i've kind of hit a road block. i've always been a heavy lifter naturally without the use of any substances (except ephedra) most of my fat is at my thighs and love handles.
    i guess the inquisition i'm making is What should i take.....What kind of work out would be efficient......and what kind of diet? i'm looking to get down to a lean 230-240. What kind of cycle should i start off with initially? and what kind of vitamins should i take to get me through the days. this may all be a cut and paste And my joints are creaking and aching at times. i need some kind of experience advice i'd appreciate it greatly if any of you can help. Thank You

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    Welcome to AR.

    Check out the diet and training forums.

    Also, look for threads/posts by Swolecat...he knows his stuff onn diet and what works and is healthy for ya.

    I would recommend staying away from juice until you get down to where you want to be CAN do it without juice.

    Good luck and there is more than enough info here to get you going in the right direction.


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    Welcome to AR...

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