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    newbie here...looking for honest advice

    i wanted to try juicing just w/ one cycle of oral steroids but every response i got said ur too young and you havent been working out long enough. being the ignorant teenager that i am i still want to try it out but ill think twice if i get some more info. guys responded saying i didnt no wut i wus talking about. i have done my research. i dont see the problem with taking sumthing like anavar . wont to much harm to my body. well heres where i need help. i go to the gym 4-5 days every week. mon and thurs i do back and bi's. tues n fri i do chest n tri's. wed i do legs n shoulders. its been working pretty good for me. any suggestions? also every day i throw in abs and cardio. im 5'7 165 lbs. i wanna loose the fat out of my stomach and get cut up. im open to all suggestions. thanks guys

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    Hey matt...boy do I feel out of place giving advice in a place like this...damn...there are some real monsters here. In any case, this probably isn't the right forum for your question, you might have better luck if you posted elsewhere.

    But if you want my advice, I would agree that you're too young to be messing around with steroids . At your age and build, the gains are relatively easy to come by anyway. Without knowing you, I would guess that if you're having problems making gains, it's because you haven't got a clear set of goals. It's extremely difficult, almost counterproductive, to try to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

    You may also be overtraining. Twice a week for those major muscle groups seems excessive to me. My vote is for you to keep training naturally and, almost more importantly, keep reading up on what's working for other people as far as routines and diet.

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    Welcome to AR

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    Welcome bro.

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    welcome mate!

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