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    help a new guy out

    I am a person who is new to the whole steroid thing wanting to take my first cycle, i really just want to get cut not too much more. I want to just take winny for a couple of weeks to get ripped, and go natural from there on out.

    do you think that's a good idea ?? i'm not asking for a source, just some information, where can i get some good info ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by corona770
    like i said i am new i dont know what to do i would rather be an idiot and be safe than hurt myself in the long run
    well keep researching and you will learn alot

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    type in winny only after hitting the search button on the top of you screen. Cutting and bulking is won or lost at the dinner table... look in the diet section. Also if you run in the morning on an empty stomach you burn fat and start your metabolism... look in the training section. As for winny only, not a good idea. Try winny and testosterone . Your bodies natural anabolic androgenic hormone. Even if you go low dose with both like 400mg of test per week, take an aromatase inhibitor like arimidex or ldex sold at AR research on the top right hand of your screen probably under anastrozole... Take the winny at the front and end of your cycle like 4 weeks in the front and 4 weeks in the back... So if you were to do 10 weeks of test enanthate or cypionate so you only have to inject twice per week you can take 50mg of winny every day and weeks 8-12 so you can pct the day after you orally take the winny. Get pct in order, take liver supplements while on, as well as flax oil. Plan a cycle and drop it in the steroid forum for thoughts there. It all starts with diet and training and the AAS is just the icing on the cake.

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    welcome to AR.

    this site is full of info and you should research some more.


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