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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    hey guys, im an experienced lifter but lack experience with goods.

    before starting my first cycle i want a good game plan. I have plenty of Dbol , winny, proviron , and nolvadex .
    How exactly do I cycle these? Dbol first and winny how much later.
    then, when do i start the privoron and nolvadex.
    Please help, Thanks

    email at

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    Swellin Guest
    First, welcome to AR. The answers to your questions are here on the board. You should take a look in the ed threads, and search for your specific needs.

    You would be best served doing a little research, then posting this over in the steroid forum. You will get more responses from vets and the like there.

    I will give you the quick and dirty on your proposed cycle though....

    I would advise against the route you are planning.
    Dbol usually run for 4 weeks at the beginning of a test cycle to jumpstart. usually run at the end of a cycle for cutting.
    Is the winny in tabs or depot?
    Nobody likes to see an oral only cycle...nobody likes to see a cycle without test.

    In would be MUCH happier with the results of your cycle, if you search the forums, look at some other cycles and get an idea what to do. Modify yours (add test) and research some more.

    Like I said, You will be rewarded for your efforts.

    Good luck, and welcome to AR.

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