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Thread: sex slaves

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    sex slaves

    this is whats going on all over the world...girls are abducted from the streets and homes. lied to and beaten. taken hostage into a world of dirt, abuse and sex...traffiketed all over the world by various pimps and mobs.. it has been going on for a while now...but it seems to be going outta control now.. because of the high rate of unemployment in the eastern european countries..girls r promised jobs, in foriegn lands..then held in make shift cells and forced to service clients, for as long as the customers are arriving they must continue working..these girls are everywhere,,in local strip clubs, motels, brothels, rub n tugs... its all a very well organized machine.. and it is very lucrative for the pimps and trafickers...i could go on for ten pages on this topic........but there was a news special on t.v. not to long ago about this it was actually titled sex slaves......and if u want to read a decent book that explains further more where the author of the book goes to these places and meets these women and their pimps and tells it how it is then u should take a look at,,its called The Natashas... because everybody calls the girls natasha..all of them....u see what us horny mofos cause...its sad

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    This is not new! It has been going on for thousands and thousands of years!

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    yeah they say they think this happend to that girl that is missing in aruba

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    thats sad, but in a way theyre not much different than prosititutes

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    Whats a rub & tug??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnabolicAndre
    thats sad, but in a way theyre not much different than prosititutes
    except pros choose their job... think of it like this, you and your family go on vacation, your sister disappears and then get sold into that... see the diff... if she chose to go do that in vegas it would be more bearable..

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    Rub and tug ???? I have never heard of such a thing.
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