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    Aug 2001

    FOX discusses Joe Millionaire 2

    I'm not sure how they'd pull off a second show unless they find women that have never heard of Joe Millionaire, but apparently FOX is going to do a second season of the show. I thought the show was stupid and the "Joe Millionaire" guy was a complete moron.

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    Fox will do anything for ratings. They'll probably have to ship in some ladies from the Marshall Islands or something. The original show was lame, they've beat the "reality series" horse to death and back again.

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    not where I want to be
    never saw that shit. tv sucks

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    Nov 2001

    oh dear god

    i'd rather be anally raped w/ a STD ridden cactus than watch something so absolutely pathetic are these people on these reality "dating" shows?i'd be mortified if anyone saw me sweat the average looking creatures!

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    this kind of programming only serves to undermine our culture.

    get rich, marry a millionare on tv! truly pathetic.. i know this happens every day without the cameras but there is a reason there isnt cameras too heh

    Read a book, work out or surf the web. heh i have every channel you can get on direct tv and i never turn the damn thing on.

    yea for card programers/unloopers hehe

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