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    Ambulance1984 Guest

    fatty foods get taxes?

    Taken from:

    LONDON (AFP) - Britain's government is considering trying to tackle increasing levels of obesity by imposing a so-called "fatty food tax" on foodstuffs with poor nutritional value, according to a report.

    Other measures being considered include standardised labelling of fat and sugar contents in processed foods, The Times said.

    According to the newspaper, Prime Minister Tony Blair (news - web sites)'s official think tank has drawn up proposals to tackle consumption of unhealthy items such as burgers, potato crisps and soft drinks.

    In an as-yet unpublished document seen by the newspaper, the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit admitted that a rising trend towards fatness among British people was "largely outside the direct influence" of the country's health service.

    One plan could be to impose "improved regulated nutritional standards for common processed foods and drinks" to inform the public.

    "There might even be potential to consider fiscal measures -- a 'fatty food tax' applied to food not people -- or different VAT treatment for foods with poor nutritional standards," it said, referring to value added tax, a 17.5 percent sales tax imposed on certain goods in Britain.

    "This would be a signal to producers as well as consumers, and serve more broadly as a signal to society that nutritional content in food is important."

    Earlier this month, British doctors' groups urged the government to take swift action over the "terrifying health consequences" of the nation's obesity problem.

    A joint report by three leading medical groups warned that if nothing was done, a third of all British adults would be clinically obese by 2020, as well as a similar proportion of girls and a fifth of all boys.

    Also Thursday, a separate report said that Britain's government planned to place health warnings on alcoholic drinks later this year.

    Information about the number of units of alcohol contained within a drink as well as warnings about the effects of binge drinking will be introduced, the Daily Mirror said, quoting unnamed health officials.

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    I like that idea.

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    Talk about BIG BROTHER!

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    beatin it up...
    They wont pass the tax I think just for the simple fact that so many people like the fatty foods.

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    I think this is the best thing I have ever read.. Why should I have to pay more for healthy foods while some fat ****'s grocery bill is half of mine because he eats crap food.. then the fat **** is on some many medications which my tax dollars pay for.. then the fat **** ends up in the hospital and uses my tax dollars there too.. and my tax dollars pay for all the research on obesity and ****..
    I hate fat ****ing lazy ppl..
    Just thinking about it makes me so angry.. I buy a chicken breats and potatoe for dinner... and soem fat **** has burgers and fries for half the price..


    move this thread to the lounge or some more popular forum..

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