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    HRT and Sperm Count

    Im curious as to how HRT (Andro Gel or Testim) effects your sperm count. im aware that high dosage (500mg and above) test usage as in a regular steroid cycle diminishes your sperm count, but how about low dosage HRT. Would it have the same effect at a lower rate, or no effect at all on sperm count due to it's low mg concentration. Any thoughts on this........B.

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    Off the top of my head bro; If you are on HRT, even at the lower amounts of test, it will put the death blow on your sperm count...Due to the fact that you will be shut-down, nuts not makin test or sperm, & your only test will be from the HRT.

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    hey... any form of test replacement will cut you sperm production dramatically, even in low replacement dosages as compared to supraphysiological levels used for body building. Testosterone was once investigated as a means of male birth control... but too many side affects and unreliable outcome stopped its use!!!..The only thing that I know of, that could maintain some reasonable production of sperm and stop testicular atrophy during HRT, is HCG ... however sometimes Hmg has to be coadministered for successfull fertility treatment. If your balls were working to some extent in the recent past, then HCG may be all that is needed.

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