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    T-3 for an old man

    I am 58 and other than a short m1t cycle I haven't used as. I am in good health . I do about an hour of cardio every day. I eat clean and lift three times a week. It has been recomended that I do a cycle of clen winnie and t-3 to get rid of some stubborn fat. I have researched the effects of clen and winnie and believe I understand the reasons to use (or not use) them but I haven't been able to find a good description of t-3. I've checked the info threads here and on other forums and there are a lot of annecdotal posts.

    Also have any of you older gentlemen tried such a cycle?

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    T3 should not be taken lightly imo but if safely / properly done may help. Have blood work done prior. Remember, drugs(hormones) may assist but should NEVER replace the motto: eat right,train right and rest right...Also, I would get a complete physical/exam at your age. Good luck.

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    t3 is often used as people get older to help the metabolism since it slows down naturally - if you want more information look for triiodothyronine - you will have better results

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    or hypothyroidism which is the condition that T3 is used to treat.

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