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    Wink Sacral would be the cause of my pain.

    Went to the physio yesterday and he told me that my pain comes from the sacral, gave me exercices to do to stress my buttock, back of the leg.

    Made me stop the stairmaster but i can always do other cardio like bike and low impact elliptique cardio.

    Cannot squat, deadlift nor leg press.

    I have to do lungs, and work the inside of my leg don't know the machine name that does that???.

    Says that when i losen up the muscles around the sacral he can put it back in place and make sure that it stays in place.

    Makes sense cause my pelvic was re-ajusted 2 years ago. And how long can you train a muscle before it gets strong again.

    I have been training my lower back for so long now but he told me to stop and take it easy.

    I really hope that this makes sense and i can get the pain fixed.

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