Hey everyone...

I just got back the results of my bloodwork that I had drawn recently. Here is my cycle history and then the results:

5 week cycle of Test Propinate 100mg/cc (Solution dissolved/separated so I stopped it!) Moderate gains, painful injections. 6-0x0 for pct.

12 week break

8 week cycle of Test Ethanate 150mg/cc w/25mg oral winny. Nice gains, body fat dropped from 12.8% to 10.2% 6-oxo and nolva for pct. ACNE was my enemy!!!!!!!! Took 2 grams of B-5 and it seemd to help, Dr gave me an antibiotic at the end, he said it looked suspicious for a staff infection. It worked.

8 week break

LAB RESLUTS_____*Note no liver profiles were evaluated*

39yo 5'10" 175 33"w 17.5"neck 41.5" chest 15.5 bicep, 25" quads

Testosterone , Free and weakly bound Test. Total = 428
Albumin= 4.5
Sex Hormone Binding Clobulin = 12
Testosterone Free = 150
Testosterone Free and Weakly Bound = 309

Carbon dioxide 20 (Reported as Low)

Glucose = 99 (Sugar is good)

BUN = 12 (Renal function ok)
Creatinine = 1.0 (Renal function ok)

Cholesterol total = 146
Triglycerides = 86
HDL Cholesterol = 29 39 is norm....I'm LOW Not good.
LDL Cholesterol = 100

Cardio CRP = 0.7 Low Cardiovascular Risk.

I have re-started a Test Ethanate cycle, but this time it's 200mg/cc and new supplier. I'm on week #2 (4 injections so far) I'm doing twice per week injections of 1cc. No weight gain or noticable side effects.

Well guys and gals, what do you think. I think things look good for my age/recovery/etc. Let me know.