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    get your fiber on

    I use the orange flavor metamucil that is sugar free and is made from psyllium fiber.tastes like tang. I take 5g with each full meal and then 5g with one of my protein shakes.(not the post workout one) and try to eat 2 servings of green veggies/day(especially spinach

    this is not necessarily for people with diabetes but could be used in prevention and it is healthy nonetheless


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    Lewd, I've always been a strong stresser of fibre intake as well.
    I used to drink Citrucil a ways back.
    Now, i put raw oatmeal in with my protein shakes throughout the day.
    Celery is a good source of fibre and has no calories and apples will get the parts moving as well.
    Everyone needs to be getting at leat 20g of fibre intake a day with the amount of protein we eat a day(shit, with the amount of food we eat a day)
    I don't wish an enema on anyone.

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    i agree bros. sometimes i use a product called smooth move during those bulking times. it is a tea that you drink at nite. when you awake the next am you better move, to the can.............

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    CutieFace Guest
    I've been doing the metamucil in my protien shake as well....also noticed a major decrease to no stomach upset or problems from the protien now.....never thought to add oatmeal to my shake....that's a thought....



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    Land of milk and honey.
    I am on the Allbran (10g fibre per cup) and the Whole Wheat Chex(5g fiber per cup). Keeps things running smoothly.

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    anybody know how many grams of fiber in phillips' fibercaps?

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