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Thread: cycle critique

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    cycle critique

    Thanks again to all the older meat heads on this board. Once again I would like some feed back on another cycle.

    Stats: 37 yrs old, 180 pnds, 5'10"

    I'm about to start my 2nd cycle tell me what you think.
    wks 1-5 d-bol @ 25 mgs. split 3 ways thru day due to hlf life
    wks 1-10 test eth. 200mg per wk.
    wks 1-10 deca 250mg per wk.

    Trying to keep this pretty simple w/out alot of sides. Last cycle was sust 1-3 @ 250mg's. 4-8 @ 500. Had to do this way b-cause of prod. avail. prob. Gained 10 to 12 pnds. Just took to long to kick in.

    Diets right, have anti-E's, will clomid at end.

    Also am considering a month of winstrol , or other cut drug toward end. Looking to add 15 to 20 pnds. and then define.

    Any input appreciated.

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    your cycle looks pretty good. But, you have already been up to 500mg test/wk. You need to do that level or a little more. Run it 11wks. As far as the deca (why 250? go with 400mg/wk) you will have much better results with those amounts and the sides will still be minimal. I would also but the d-bol to 35mg/day for 4wks. I f you decide to do the winny for 5 wks you will like the results. It will help you solidify your gains for the cycle. Winny wks 9-13! JMO. You will get more responses if you post this in the steroid question forum! Good luck! BTW, I'm 35 and I have done your cycle!

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