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    Exclamation Osteoporosis Cycle?? Member needs Help

    I'm 51, 5'5" 160lbs. I have Parkinsons Disease and Osteoporosis. I have been lifting on and off since High School. The doctors have me on an HRT dose of 100mg/wk Test.
    The doctors tell me I have to step gently down off a curb, if I go to hard they say I could crack my spine. I'm going to fight these diseases.
    I'd appreciate one of the knowlegeable people here reviewing this cycle and give me their comments. The Doctors are no help. They just tell me to live with it, and take my medicine so it doesn't get worse. I don't mind being a guinea pig on this, I'm not going to live like a invalid.
    I train 1 body part a day, and train 5 days/wk. I have a belt to attach the barbell to for squats, so I don't support the weight on my spine. I won't do deadlifts.

    BTG Var 50mg/day wk 1-12 wk 16-26
    Test 400mg/wk wk 1-10 wk 16-26
    Deca 200mg/wk wk 1-10 wk16-26
    HGH 9iu/day wk 1-26
    Slin 12iu/day wk 1-26
    Take the Slin and HGH together split 2x/day
    Clomid weeks 13-15
    I have Arimidex and Teslac for anti-E's if necessary(I am prone to gyno).
    Dextrose and Creatine Drunk 2x/day after slin/HGH shots
    Whey Protein, Soy Protein mixed with milk or Calcium enriched OJ
    Milk Thistle
    Calcium Capsules, Multiple Vitamins
    My thinking is that HGH is supposed to build bones, The Var is to give me the 17-aa pass-thru effect on the liver( I have 150 a-bombs if you think they may be a better bet.) The test and deca because the HGH needs AAS to work. The slin also because the HGH needs it to work.
    Any comments? Belive me, they will be appreciated. Also, if you can think of any other board that might have somebody who could help me with this, please let me know. Thanks.
    PS I apologise if this sounds like I'm whining. I don't mean it that way.

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    Mastiff - I've not been to this board for a while and just dropped in by chance. I'm by no means an expert on any of this but I can tell you one thing-go easy on the anti-oestrogens. You want a good healthy level of oestrogen because it is oestradiol that builds bones, more so than testosterone .

    You're on the right track with the use of the aromatising androgens test and deca . However, I see that you're planning to cycle. I would strongly recommend against this. Unless you're wanting kids in the near future why bother? And at your age I would guess that kids are not your priority right now. Coming on and off will disrupt your T levels and leave you with long recovery periods where you have little circulating androgens and therefore little substrate for oestradiol production. Just stay on low dose test and deca (I'd go 200 mg T and 200 mg deca weekly) for good. Use HGH for as long as you can afford but not at 9IU per day - use just enough to get your IGF-1 levels to that of a healthy 20-30 year old. Your pocket and joints can thank me later.

    I would also skip the insulin . I presume it's building bone that is your priority here? I know slin and HGH are synergistic for muscle hypertrophy but you could check with Ironmaster regarding the synergy (or not!) for bone.

    I would strongly urge you to go to and read everything he says regarding osteoporosis. He is in the middle of writing a book on the subject and he is cutting edge.

    Also follow mercolas links to Krispin Sullivans vitamin D work and her writings on Ca and Mg supplementation. Do all this and you can really fight off the osteoporosis. As to the Parkinsons I'm afraid I have no knowledge. But I would start with the Life Extension Foundation and perhaps post some questions in their forum after reading their protocols.

    You could also approach Dr. Alan Brizel at the forum mentioned in my signature below. He's a very astute and caring Doc and will point you in the right direction I'm sure. Please be sure and tell hin that Jon sent you - I'm on a recruitment drive for the site


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    Oops - I've added the sig now. Cheers.

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