what do you bros. think ;jumex(deprenyl/selegilline) vs. bromcriptine vs. dopergine vs. cabergoline (dostinex)
please give me your feed bach here..
i ve originaly posted this on the general forum ,but i guess it belongs here.
i ve tried bromocriptine and got great benifit ,but again dopergine and dostinex have stronger action in loweirng prolactin but i am not sure i they are less dopaminergic on the other hand there is slegilline which sounds promising in the elderly and parkinsonians but is it any better then bromocriptine for us ?

bromo is is less specific then dopergine(d3 receptros) and dostinex(d2,d3) does this improve
its sex/potency stimulating effects as well as its anticatabolic effect while it might its LH stimulating potential??
in short,what do you think we should use ?!