If i were running a single ester test and maybe eq and deca with gyno for 8 to 10 weeks
how much l dex and nolva would i need to prevent further estrogen while on cycle?

Also would just running nolva and ldex with tribulus post cycle be enough to bring back the boys if taken for 4 weeks pct.

what would be the dosages for the pct?

Is clomid absolutley necessary or would nolva and ldex work?

also if I were to use hcg is 1000iu 5days week one and 1000ius 5days week 2 enough running nolva through these weeks of course and possibly ldex not sure though.

Do I need clomid?
Recap How many mg nolva and ldex on cycle with gyno?
Dosage for nolva and ldex pct?
hcg 1000 iu 5days week 1 2 pct with nolva and ldex enough?