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Thread: anavar/Clen/PCT

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    Before a week i finished a cycle with Sustanon /Equipoise for 10 weeks. From the Last day i finish this cycle i start to take 30mg Anavar and clenbuterol (2w on 2w off with ECA stack) for 7 weeks .Now i want advice and help for PCT. As i read and i Know i must to start PCT 3 weeks after last inject from Sustanon. Now what i must to do if i start to use Anavar? To make the Pct after 3 weeks or to leave the PCT when i Finish Anavar?

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    s this your 1st cycle? 17wks is a long time to suppress HPTA .

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    Save the var for another cycle....... because you suppressed you natural hormone production runnning the SUS and EQ by running Var for another 7 weeks could or most likely will be hard on your HPTA and you will see problems........ So 3 weeks after your last SUS/EQ injection start PCT....... You can run the clen and ECA through PCT

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