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    Question Dr's visit 3 weeks after sust cycle, got questions...

    Ok here's the deal: for about 45 days I took 250 mg Sus every 3 days. I was taking arimidex and nolvadex during the cycle and 'had' clomid for pct. My clomid was destroyed in a recent move, so today I went to my primary care physician (cool doc) told him whats up and gave blood samples to be sent to an endocrinologist. Just curious if anyone knows what takes place from this point. Yes I am aware that pct's are widely available and inexpensive online, however I have decided not to go this route, so please spare me the simple answer of: order more clomid. The blood sample is being used to check my test levels and my follicle stimulating hormone levels.

    Is an endocrinologist likely to prescribe clomid or hcg as a pct to avoid the 'test crash'?

    I know if i were taking clomid now would be the time to start treatment,but what about HCG, how long after my last injection should HCG treatment be started?

    What are my test/FSH levels likely to look like 3 weeks after cycle?

    Any answers, or anyone who can point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated. And if not, when I hear back from the doc, I'll post the results if anyone is curious.


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    I personally doubt you are even "shut down" after only a 6 week sust cycle. You quit when sust was just getting started. I don't think you have much to worry about as far as a "crash".


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