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    Hey, I am in vacation in Thailand, home of legal AAS and here's my situation: I am not interested in AAS, right now, but at home I stocked up on 5 bottles of 1-AD and 5 of Methyl-D for use in later cycles. Now, I've always used 6-0X0 in the past, but I've heard that clomid is better and certainly cheaper out here. So IYO should I stock up on some Clomid or just go with 6OXO as usual. Also, I am a bit nervous about taking clomid on the plane with me, so any experience on that end would be appreciated Thanks

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    If you can get cheap Clomid for PCT I would do it. 6-OXO is really good, but it's quite expensive. I'm not quite sure about the legalities of taking the Clomid on a plane though.

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    clomid on a plane would be like taking zoloft on a plane without a Rx. Clomid is a legal yet prescription drug for women to regulate their periods.

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