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    Talking Feeling superb on PCT???

    I just finished (14days ago) a prohormone cycle with 6weeks 1g 1.4diol and last 4weeks also 1-test transdermal.
    I started my pct with nolva 30mg ED and i've put also some clomid in here from last friday (100mg/ed)
    Now at this moment I feel superb!! my sexdrive is going like hell and I'me always happy.
    A big change after the grumpy weeks on 1-test.
    Could this be normal or is the clomid maybe fake? I bought it from a big powdersource in and disolved it in ethanol.
    I got some hot flashes from it after i take it but they are gone after a couple of hours.
    Now everyone is speaking from really bad sides from clomid or is this more pronounced after a real steroidcycle?
    another question:
    I have a bunch of real gear waiting on me but want to be shure I'm recovered from the prohormones. I'm going to take a bloodtest but don't now what the best time should be to let it be taken. should I stil wait another 3weeks?
    I'm wanted to end the pct after next week.

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    Maybe wait another month. That'll be 7 weeks off from a 6 week pro-hormone cycle? Other opinions welcome.

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