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    Exclamation 1st Cycle, Scared of Clomid lol

    k now this is freaking me out, i've started my first cycle of test cyp with liquidex and finasteride (to block out dht). and i got clomid planned for PCT, now i dont wanna be in a position where i'm gonna be very depressed, i saw that nolvadex can be used in place of clomid, what works better tho?

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    theres not an awful lot in it bro, clomid works slightly faster hence the exagerated side effects but if you cant take the sides then go for nolva, thats what im doing.

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    Poor advice, nolvadex offers no testosterone stimulation, hell it doesn't even block out estrogen, it merely blocks out estrogen from attaching to receptors and inducing gyno. It in no way is sufficient pct by itself, Try HCG to stimulate test, and the nolvadex to block out some of the estrogen, even better run some of thatliquidex instead of the nolva....

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