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    Clomid after Deca

    Waaassuup peeps!

    Okay, I did a 10 week cycle of Deca @300 mg once a week with 20 mg of Dbol everyday the last two weeks of the cycle (I know, should have planned better but just wanted to see some results and work around my injury).

    Anyway, I have awesome gains and gained some good quality muscle (168-180 lbs).

    During the cycle I really didn't see any side effects. I didn't have deca d**k, didn't break out, ate like a horse, and got stronger. My nuts shrank a little bit, yet, I still had massive hard ons throughout the cycle (throughout the day and when I woke up every morning just as I always had been) and my girlfriend and I had sex daily like we usually did even before the cycle. So i think my test levels were still good. Even the d-bol, even though I only did it for 2 weeks, didn't really shrink my nuts all that much.

    I've studied and researched PCT for years and know that I should be doing clomid 2-3 weeks after the last shot of deca. And I see that on Day 1 an individual should start at 300 mg a day of clomid then 100 mg a day for a week and a half, then finish with 50 mg for another week and a half.

    My question is: Should I even need to do that much? I mean I feel my test levels are good but as stated earlier my balls shrank a little and I know I need to take the clomid to help restore natural testosterone production/levels. What should I do with the clomid?

    (Don't worry, I've researched AAS for several years and am not a newbie when it comes to information, just a little concerned on my own PCT therapy)

    BIG THANKS TO Y'ALL BROS!!! I really appreciate it!!!


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    You should run the clomid as per usual. You should be shut down, thus needing regular PCT. Just because it doesn't feel like you are, doesn't mean you are not.

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