hey guys, just have a few questions here about clomid/nolva, because i have never taken it and dont really know too much about what it does. i have a lot of questions here, so please bear with me. First of all i am going to be doing a cycle of m1t and 4ad for either 2 weeks or 4 weeks, havent really decided which yet. I know clomid is to induce ovulation in women. Is this stuff safe for men to take? and there must be some kind of side effects for men if it is a hormone for women who want to get pregnant take, anybody have any bad/weird side effects from it? Also i get tested, so will clomid/nolva show up, and what is the detection time? What exactly does clomid do, is it jsut for retaining gains or is it for liver restoration too, kinda a dumb question. I know 6-oxo is not very effective, but would 6-oxo, trib, and milk thistle be an effective PCT for a prohormone cycle like m1t and 4ad? dont really want to get into clomid/nolva if i dont HAVE to. thanks a lot guys. any input would be greatly appreciated.