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    need info on hcg help on the details of it

    my buddy has hcg and he says i take at the end of a cycle and its only one shot and he wants 25 bucks for it? i am already going to take clomid for pct do i need the hcg or wat? i am taking a test 300 and eca 300 cycle runnin the test 100 mg higher then deca .

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    If this is your first cycle you dont need it. When you do want to use it do a search on HCG , there is a heap on info on how to use it. And you dont use it as part of PCT, only in the middle and towards the end of your cycle

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    your buddy has not a clue on what he is talking about if he says one shot. For 25 bucks stick to clomid and nolva PCT. Screw him, your cycle doesn't look heavy enough to need an HCG boost before PCT anyways.

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