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Thread: clomid

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    This is my cycle 75mg prp ed, 400mg eq a week, 50mg winstrol ed... Iv already started my winstrol so im getting closer to the end of my cycle... This is my question

    Should I wait untill im done with the prop before I start my clomid??? Also... I got my clomid from the site on this board... I lost the syringe it came with so I am going to take the needle off my my 22 guage syringe ang use that... How many cc's should I put in that big syringe... I need to know... Thanks

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    You can find the answers to these questions with a little research...

    When to start PCT?

    PCT start times

    How much to take?

    Pheedno's PCT

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    run prop 3 weeks past eq and start clomid 3 days after prop, run clomid 100 mgs ed and nolva 20 mgs ed for 30 days

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