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Thread: Fina ques

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    Fina ques

    Just into a fina/enan cycle. I'm Getting bad gas and constipation. Also I'm getting chapped lips like crazy. is this common? What can I do about the gas and constipation? I'm trying fibercon. BTW i've been on the enan 6 weeks but just started the fina and am dieting for cutting.

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    It can dry you out IMO, keep hydrated , drink plenty of water,and use carmex or something. I get a little backed up too cutting and eating mainly protein, throw in some fresh greens salad, celery, fresh veggies except potatoes are all good. In the meantime keep up with the fibercon until you get regular. Also, prunes , prune juice will clean you out pretty good.

    Gas? Gotta live with that one...............sorry!

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    ahhhhhh, the lesser-known "fina fart"

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