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    Post Cycle Question

    I have a question about my post cycle.

    I currenty stack M1T/4-ad. I take it two weeks on and two weeks off, because thats what the label recommends.
    In the middle of my cycle I was getting sore nips, so I started taking Formadrol V2 (Legal Gear) and it took my soreness away.

    My question is how long should I use Formadrol V2? Do I need to take it the whole two weeks when I'm on off cycle?
    I guess I'm confused because I was getting sore nips during my cycle and I think I need to take it when I'm on my cycle also.
    Or is there something else I can take during my cycle and use Formadrol V2 for post cycles?

    Sorry for all the questions, I,m just not sure how to schedule this. Please provide a cycle schedule it you could.

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    Gyno!!! I got sore nips everry cycle of test that I did!! I used Nolvadex during my heavy test cycles and it helped. That's all I can tell you hope it helps!!

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