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    Clomid/Nolva Taste !!! Help Please

    ordered a bottle of nolva/clomid combo for PCT, just started PCT today and the solution is really oily, im talking proper oil, its unbearable putting it on your tounge or in your mouth and even makes you toungge tingle for half hour afterwards, there must be some secret to taking this, even taking it with water is it from a well known online source for chems like ARR - dont wanna post any sources but its nolva/clomid combo

    - if anyone knows what im talking about they should be able to vouche for the taste.

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    nolva/clomid combo in one hand oj or other drink in the other.. then gulp and gulp.. works like a charm for me...

  3. yea I just fill my mouth with juice before squirting it in, mix it on the way down

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    Apple juice seems to work as well.

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