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Thread: Clomid In India

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    Clomid In India

    Does anyone know what clomid is called in India?.....Ive looked on the profile of clomid and it has a vast variety of makers and brands. Does anyone know what one will be available in india and what it could be called other than the name "clomid" or "clomiphene citrate"

    If someone does know, would they happen to tell me what the price is ,converted to US dollars?


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    I don't think we're allowed to post prices on the board. I'll just say everything's dirt cheap in India.

    I don't know the name(s) of Clomid there, but if you take in a few example brand and generic names, they'll give you their version no problem. You can get HCG , Tamoxifen , Proviron , Sus 250, Deca , all without a script. Take a shopping list in with you.

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