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    Best Time to take Nolva/Tamoxifen, AM/PM?

    Just finishing my 12 week cycle of :

    1-5 weeks - 30mg Anabol
    1-12 weeks - 400mg Test Cyp

    For PCT i plan to run Nolva/Tamoxifen only instead of Clomid ( dont fancy the sides of Clomid, plus Nolva was a lot easier to get hold of from my source ).

    18 days after last injection I was going to start Tamox at 60mgs a day for 30 days, will this be long enough? Also when is the best time to take Tamox, all 60mgs just before going to bed? or break it up through out the day?


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    I take the whole dose in the morning. I dont think it really matters when you take it because its half life is like 5 days (I THINK)

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    30 days should be long enough. 60 mgs of nolva sounds about right but you may want to take arimidex along side it to counter the fact your Little fellas wont have been producing for a while so they may need a gentle push, if you know what i mean! Good luck bro

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