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    Mixing Letrozole Question.

    Can I mix liquid Letrozole from AnabolicReview-Research's site with anything. I am not sure if I could mix it with water or alcohol and then how I would store it. I need to take 1 week worth with me on vacation and I do not want to take the bottle with me. Please help!

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    Move the liquid to a clean bottle..... like a small shampoo, or some other bottle like it........ don't add it to any other type of liquid.

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    i cant imagine you would have any problems just taking the bottle....

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    Thanks for the response. I ordered Letro and tomox yesterday morning from AA-R, paid for next day and it just arrived. I took a look at the bottle and I don't think taking it with me will be a problem. I do feel MUCH better hearing it from more expierenced people.... (TheMudMan and 956Vette)
    I can't tell you how much people like you guys and this site have helped me..

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