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    Question Help needed: Timing Accutane for Acne during PCT

    I just finished a standard round (5 months) of accutane and my skin (only my face breaks out) is totally clear, but my doc gave me enough for an extended round (6 month supply.) I desperatly want to keep my skin clear and not go back to the way it was (I have been battling acne on my face for over 10 years.)

    I distinctly remember having pretty clear skin from a previous round of accutane a year or two before my last cycle, then during PCT my skin breaking out again and getting progressivley worse (about 3 months in duration) until this round of accutane. I am not sure if the cycle coincided with my skin starting to break out again (accutane usually does not last forever, it's happened to me in the past without touching any kind of pro hormone) and just made it worse or what. Also, before using accutane and taking steroids I remember my skin actually looking better during some previous normally dosed cycles, it's usually only during the post cycle that I have problems.

    My question is I have enough accutane for a 55 day round (two 40mg pills daily) should I:

    -Go ahead and finish it off (my skin is clear and this is where most people would stop, even my doc said I could quit)

    -Lower my dosage to one a day (my cycle and PCT should last a combined total of 90 days, this would give me 110 days of accutane)

    -Quit for 10 weeks then start it back up again when I start the PCT (usually about 21 days with clomid therapy, this would give me 55 days at a regular dose.)

    I can't get back on accutane for another 7 months so I really want to minimize the chances of PCT breaking me out and starting a chain of events that leads me back where I was.

    I will be doing a normal low dose cycle of Test Prop, Deca , EQ, Win for 10 weeks and will be using clomid PCT.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I am also in the middle of one box of accutane ( I had only a small break on the back and shoulders, the doc prescribed two boxes 20 mg EOD) he recomended me to finish the first box( it will be the 3rd week of my cyccle) and begin the 2nd box one week before PCT.
    During the first week of the cycle, due to the fact ahta I still had some acne form my last cycle (october 05) the doc said to take 40mg ED during that week, then as I said 20mg EOD until one box is gone.

    Also you should increase the dose of your legalon or any other liver protection pill.

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    so how does this work, i go to the doc, he takes blood work, and then like other people, i'm sure it will raise some eye brows. what do i say?

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