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    Need advice ASAP, High liver ALT values before PCT.

    Hey guys, last night my feet started to swell up and stuff so I went to the hospital and they are almost sure its from my high liver enzymes, normal range is like 30-50 and mine was around 300. Im on week 8 of my 10 week cycle of Test E and from week 1-6 I had Anavar . I've decided to stop the gear now, im wondering is it safe for me to take HCG with high ALT liver values? Is HCG liver toxic? I wont be taking any nolva or clomid just in case it damages my liver. If its safe to take HCG what dosage would you recommend and when/for how long?

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    If you haven't, you should of been taking HCG the entire cycle. If you are stopping the gear, HCG is pointless at this time. I'd strongly advise against NOT taking nolva/clomid for PCT. That stuff isn't toxic at all. The liver is amazing and I'm sure it'll recover. However, not PCT is terrible and you will surely end up on TRT before you want. The gear shouldn't of caused that crazy of liver values. What were your values pre cycle, did you do blood work?

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