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    Take the time to read this. IMPORTANT

    Someone please help me understand why people think the way they do.
    Please listen to this article.

    Body Building is one of the few sports, maybe the only sport, in which it's not unusual for some new comers to think they can train for a few months and be as good as the sport's leading stars. When the expected progress doesn't happen, they fall back on the excuses, such as " I COULD BE AS GOOD AS THE TOP GUYS IF I USED THE AMOUNT OF DRUGS THEY USE. " or " IF I DIDN'T WORK AND THAT WAS MY FULL TIME JOB " In reality , the top guys are GENITICALLY gifted- did you hear that- genitically gifted..... they have an advantage from birth. You can't decide to be a world class sprinter at 20 if you weren't the fasted kid in town a 5, 10, 15 and so on. Performance enhancing drugs , although effective, are overrated, and the main qualities a champion BB posesses are superior genetics to respond to muscle building stimuli and superdrive to take advantage of those genetics.
    We have all seen novices at the gym who make remarkable gains in little time w/out using drugs. That's because they have good genetics and work ethnic. A champion who has good genetics and plenty of drive will respond much better than mere mortals to a traditional drug cycle. When the average guy tries the same cycle and doesn't see half the results he starts to believe the following:
    Either the champion BB has a "secret drug" or the champion is using an insane amount of drugs. The truth is the gifted BB doesn't need more that a traditional cycle to augment his progress. Just remember DESIRE is secret drug. Hard ass training, hard ass dieting, undaunted discipline and DESIRE. Stop hating and just train hard.
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    Well done Russ, I'd like to add dedication... and heart...and determination... If you lack in any of the above then you are a part-timer...good luck... Now that is a perfect thread!!!

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    God I hope you never realize how much genetics can compensate for desire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saboudian
    God I hope you never realize how much genetics can compensate for desire.

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    i dont care how good your genetics, if no desire and work, you aint getting sheeeeit.

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    i am a firm believer that genetics arnt the reason pros are pros, some may have them, but id say they devote their life to the sport. when u put all your conscience effort into something you will get the most out of it, thats why the ppl who rely on genetics or aas dont ever make it to where the pros are, then they blame it on something other than the ammount of effort they put forth. it comes down to what u put in, and when u put alot in, youll get alot, when you half ass it, we will see it bc your body will be half ass.

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