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    Bench press Arch

    I recently started arching at competitions. Is there are all shirts design for arching benchers, becuase it doesn't seem so. Which shirts are for flat and which are for arched benchers? Does anyone prefer flat over benching with an arch? I seldom practice my arch. Is there a right way and a wrong way?

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    i would think anyone who benches with a shirt is gonna arch man.

    i'm no expert, and am just learning this stuff myself, but one of the things i've found to be very helpful is to cut a 1' section of 3" pvc pipe, place it on a bench, and slowly roll back and forth over it to stretch out your back. then you can go light weight, and actually bench with it under you lower back to get a feel for benching with an arch.

    remember to rest your body on your ass and traps, pinch your shoulders together, and try to make your ass and traps touch- this will give you a high arch. get the bar right about under your nose so you have a minimal shoulder rotation from lifting off the weight to start position. keep your foundation as tight as possible, get and wear a belt when going heavy, slowly lower the weight to between your upper abs on lower pecs with your lats flared and elbows tucked in, pause when they bar touches, and explode as fast as possible up while as the same time trying to push your body away from the bar. let your elbows flare to their natural rotation as your move the bar up.

    it takes practice, practice, practice, but it's worth it.

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    the titan f6 shirt is spcificaly made for the arched bencher. also i use a karin klein denim and arch and hav no problems.the advice from the princeis rt on!!! if you are not sure how to set up proper bench form or execution, check out and buy the advanced bench press video. worth it, will change your form and up your press if you are a shirted presser.

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