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Thread: Progressives?

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    Who here besidez me uses a progressive distance system of training. By this I mean exclusive use of the Power Rack and progressively increasing the depth while systematically decreasing the reps? The utility of the Power Rack makes this system superior to other haphazard regimens in my humble opinion.

    Anybody got Bud Jeffries "How to Squat 900lbs" book Or video? What's the general opinion here of Jeffries?

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    how many inches btwn the holes in the power rack you use? if they are one inch. you are ok, if they are 2 inches or more, you are going to have trouble traing like this. i believe this is a good idea to do after you do your full range of motion training, to use this method as an auxillary, but to not use this as your major movement every wk, as along as you change it up and don't train like this year around it can work, bu8t don't neglect full motion training, i tried it and i failed bad. bud jefferies, book? never heard of it, give me the low down.

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