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    Ace in the whole!

    I just got a new training partner...As some of you know, im a high school football coach, and in the off season, i coach the weight lifting team...well, our school was going against the county next to us, in a lifting meet(bench, clean and jerk)...There was a kid lifting, he weighed 155 and bench 300! He did it with out a shirt, no arch, elbows flared etc...Well, i train in the gym where the kid lives, I saw him training and he approached me about competing in a bench meet, I told him I train ME on saturday, and he should go..well, he had no idea what the hell ME day was, much less bands and boards...I worked on his form, had him pinch elbows etc...Well, he worked up to an easy 350lb three board press!! The kid is only 18, hes clean, and only weighs 155! Im throwing a shirt on him and entering him in the teen division in Winter park bench meet! He will hit high 300!

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    wow... thats kid is freak strong man.. thats really unbelieavable.. what are his other lifts??

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    Good job finding a natural. Look forward to seeing him bench. What kinda shirt you gonna put him in?

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