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    Oct 2002

    Paul Dick Presses?

    Just wondering if anybody can explain to me what these are? Thanks in advance for any help>

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    I had forgotten the name Pual Dicks...I competed in the 80's and remember him! The Paul Dicks presses were simply close grip benches, with a thumb distance from the smooth! Im the 80's everyone believed close grips should be done with index finger on the smooth, Paul dicks came along, did them with the wider grip, and called them paul dicks presses...thats just like the JM press, Arcidi did these, but with an ez curl bar..

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    I don't know of the Paul Dick Press but you can try the Cubanito Press.

    Like a skullcrusher bring it down to your forehead with thumb on the smooth and then roll it toward your throat and press up.

    Should i trademark my press now before someone else does?LOL

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