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Thread: Chain Question

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    Chain Question

    Hi all...sorry for the seemingly endless barrage of questions, but the board is, after all, informative and I am pretty new to this, so we have a perfect environment for this sort of thing, which i hope excuses the number of q's.

    Anyway, despite what most westside proponents seem to maintain, 5/8" chain is virtually impossible to find in my neck of the woods (the only version i'm able to track down is an incredibly strong tensile version that runs in the range of like 15 bucks a foot not something i'm too willing to pay). So, i'm assuming that if i head to home depot and pick up a 1/2" chain and 1/8" chain, or 3/8" chain and 1/4" chain combo, since I'm getting the fractional equivalent, I'm getting the weight equivalent as well. Am i justified in making this assumption?? Even if the numbers aren't exact, I'm assuming they're close. Thanks.

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    You could get a pair form Toppers for 96 bucks i think. their web link is on . I tried to do the home depot approach and it didn't go so well. The thickest chain they carry and most hardware stores carry is 3/8". And ten feet of it weighs only about 12 lbs and about 20$. If you fold it in half you have a five foot lenght of chain but only wiehgs 12lbs. You would need two 10 foot sections of 3/8"chain in order to compare to one 5/8". So by the time you get the equivalent amount of chain weight you could have bought a real pair from Toppers. I believe their numbers is 1 800 4chains it migh t be 866. If they carry 1/2" then you might be allright but i ahve never been able to find it either. Your best bet is to buy one real 5/8" from toppers and then buy the 3/8" for some added weight as you get better/stronger.

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