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Thread: WSB shoulder

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    WSB shoulder

    Alright i haven't started WSB training yet, just been doin some readin up on it. It seems like every time i read about shoulder training, they talk about using raises. I don't understand why some type of shoulder press wouldn't be better or why they place so much emphasis on raises. Do you guys throw in any presses for your shoulders in there every now and then, or just use raises all the time?

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    I use both, but then again, I am not using 400+lbs on my board presses. The biggest reason they use raises for the bulk of their delt work is due to the amount of weight they use for their pressing, which hits the front delt quite nicely.


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    you can do direct shoulder work if you wish. I know once every two weeks I do to get away from raises. But really doing front, side, rear raises works all your shoulders so why take the chance of doing a heavy press and popping your shoulder out.

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