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    Question T3/Clen & Methyl 1-Test Questions

    I'm thinking about making the move to some additional "supplements". I'm currently 5'11", 175 lbs, about 16% body fat (caliper). My diet is dead on, my workouts are dead on (I've been working very closely with a personal trainer). I'm starting to see the muscle mass in some areas that I'm looking for, but am looking to A) increase muscle mass growth rate and B) lose the last few pounds of fat that have been incredibly troublesome to get me where I want to be. Although the calipers say 16%, almost all of that is in the love handle area and the very lower ab area.

    For losing the last few pounds, I'm looking at the T3/Clen combo. I have read around here a lot looking for insight into these two products and they seem to be relatively low side effect, high result choices. Based on what I understand, I should also consume 2 gallons of water per day, take it in the morning several hours before my workout, start at 1 pump per day and work my way up to 8 pumps increasing each week as side effects are tolerable and take niacin and potassium supplements. That about right? Would this help me acheive my goal a little bit more quickly?

    As for increasing muscle mass growth rate, I really cannot stand needles and refuse to use. I haven't done as much research on this one (sorry), but it looks like my best bet would be Methyl 1-test. Any agreement/disagreement? Anything in particular I should watch out for? Side effects? Usage patterns?

    So if I were taking T3/Clen & Methyl 1-test in the morning with my niacin and potassium and usual vitamin regiment and continuing to eat right and work out consistently and drink TONS of water, should I be able to see faster results in the fat loss and muscle gain with very minimal side effects? Thanks all, this is a great community resource.
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