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    Liquid Cia ML/Squirt

    I am trying to figure out how much liquid Cia to take. How much is in one squirt? For instance, if someone wanted to take 20mg how many squirts would they need?

    Also, are the results better if you take it on an empty stomach and with or without water?

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    10 pumps = 1ml

    i recommend an oral syringe and not the pumps to be more accurate but if ur gonna use the pump it should be like this

    u should probably start with about 10 mgs (3-4 pumps) and see how u react to it. if u think that's not enough then up it to about 15mg (5 pumps). i've read 20mg should be more then enough but start low and see what u need and adjust how much u should take. the effects should last around 36 hours or so. it doesnt matter if u take it with food or not.

    20mg would technically be about 6.66pumps...this is why an oral syringe is better for accurate dosing....but if u take 6-7 pumps it should be real close to 20mg. shake the bottle before u use

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