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    Trenbolon Actate and Testosteorone Enathate cycle

    hey, I have done 4 cycles before and now I want to try something new like Trenbolon Actate and I've heard it's good stuff...
    It's a 10 ml vial and 75mg/ml... I want to combine it with testosteorone enathate

    I was thinking like w 1-12 750 mg testo enathate
    and w 6-12 Trenbolan Actate

    But I dont know how many times a week to take Trenbolan and how many ML please if someone could help me, I'm sorry for my bad english...

    If someone has a better ide on this cycle then please help me I would be so thankful

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    I beleive tren is meant ot be taken at 50 - 100mg ED. meaning 1 vial would only last 1 or 2 weeks

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