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Thread: hairloss

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    before therapy: Thinning mainly in front and receding temples, although not as thick as normal in back and on top
    After therapy, noticable thickening of hair, especailly on top and back and some in front. Never went thru the so called shedding phase with propecia.

    Been on propecia for 8 month
    minoxidol 3X day, I lay it on heavy and too hell with the mess
    Nizoral 2% shampoo 3 times a week
    b vits with biotin, grapeseed extract, msm

    Read a bunch of stuff about saw palmetto on this site so added that to the mix 2 months ago.

    Noticable thickening in front, to the point where people ask me about it. And temple regions have grown fine, 1/4 inch long blonde hairs. Bad part is my hair is brown and it looks kinda funky.

    Never had any sides before saw palm, but after adding saw palmetto, my libido went way down. No probs with erections though. Also, my gyno flared up big time, which is weird for just a herb. I dont care about the gyno so much as I am planning to get it surgically cut out anyway.

    My question is, has ayone else seen these kind of sides with saw palmetto and if so, did the libido get back to normal?

    Also, have not done AS for years, but was considering doing some anavar , but I read all kinds of mixed things on here, some say it wont cause further hairloss, some say it will. Any input there would be appreciated as well.

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    what is gyno?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glutamine77
    what is gyno?
    Gyno is a medical condition where you get fat deposits underneath your skin on your pecs. Often referred to as 'bitch tits'.

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    That saw is overrated...i'd almost dump it from the got a solid handle on it by the sounds of it. The saw is the number one ingredient in scam-hair products. Stick with what works.

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    I noticed the same thing while on saw palmetto, but after I stopped I was fine. I was thinking of going on propecia too but I was afraid of the libido sides. So you were alright prior to the saw palmetto, even on propecia?

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    Interesting i will look into propecia myself for that stinking bald spot on my head.

    I use soy protein, eggs for the hair thinkness and nioxin cleanser and scalp treatement.

    I also use minoxil twice a day.

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