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    Question about 1TU and PCT

    Me and a friend of mine are going to be going on 1TU relatively soon. I have a couple of questions I was wondering if you guys could help me out with first before I start on it. We aren't very experienced lifters/bodybuilders at all and I'm wondering first, how long of a cycle should we go on? I also have a question about the PCT. From what I hear there's pretty much no point in going on the 1TU if you don't take a PCT, because you'll lose all of your strength, is this true? Would you probably lose all of your gained mass as well, or just the strength? If a PCT is entirely necessary could anyone recommend what I should take, and refer me to a website to find these products at?


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    If 1TU is the product I'm thinking of it isn't very potent at all---which probably translate to little to no PCT. But some people are from the better safe than sorry (use more even if it excessive) school of thought. Then again some people respond differently to different substances---some are more prone to gyno / HPTA suppression...So What exactly is in the pro-hormone?

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