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    1 Ad

    is 1 AD a suitable substiture for 4 AD? i've been working out pretty seriously for the last 6 years or so and have my diet under control. I'd like to take the next step and am thinking about taking prohormones. i read the post on the subject in this forum and want to start out simple to see how my body reacts. i read that 4AD is suitable to stand on its own for a 4 week cycle. is 1 AD acceptable as a subsitute and does it come as a transdermal (if not, can someone PM me a source to by transdermal 4 AD?)

    also, if this is my first 4 week cycle, should i incorporate a PCT (3 weeks of 6 OXO?)

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    No, its not suitable. Thats like asking if deca is suitable to sub for test. You should run both 1-ad and 4-ad together.

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    i hate 1-ad

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